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5 Job Titles That Sound Way Better Than the Actual Job

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In the modern world of careers, we have gotten really creative with our job titles. But sometimes, even the coolest-sounding job titles can actually be incredibly boring. This comes from a recent AskReddit thread where Redditors tell all on job titles that sounded cool, but actually sucked in real life. Let’s check it out.

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Video Game Tester, $42,000 per year

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User RsonW explains that he had a roommate who was a video game tester: “I was so jealous until he told me he was testing NBA 2k8 by inching players along the courts and making them jump to see if they’d fall through. Lost its luster when I heard that.”

Social Media Manager, $46,000 per year

Depending on where you work, being a social media manager can mean more freedom
– or a lot less. In this case, user Chillaxbro says, “Most companies hire one to stay ‘edgy’ but you are so restricted on what you can and can’t post/do, and everything must be vetted and approved before you post. You are basically an admin managing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc.”

Sandwich Artist, $7.16 per hour

Sounds like a pretty creative title, right? Apparently not. User PM_ME_YOUR_BREAKFAST recounts the time she worked as a sandwich artist: “I worked at Subway for two years. I put ‘Sandwich Assembly Technician’ as my job title on my resume. That ***t was far from an art when [someone] would ask for four pounds of mayo on their beautifully crafted sandwich.”

Overnight Inventory Coordinator, $15 per hour

This job title is code for “overnight stocker.” You can find jobs like these at large department, grocery, or big box stores, like Wal-Mart or Amazon. User Cambo66 didn’t work this job himself, but his friend did: “My buddy used to describe himself as such. That, or ‘Inventory Control Specialist.’ I was like, ‘Dude, I came to visit you, and you were stocking mac and cheese.'”

Anything With “Engineer” in the Title That Doesn’t Require a Degree

Sometimes, you can land amazing jobs without a college degree. But jobs in the engineering field mostly do require a four-year degree. User Craigm69 explains: “[The term] engineering is so loosely used, my friend told me he might be getting a job as a ‘something’ engineer, which was basically the guy who goes and installs your cable TV box and stuff. I was like, ‘that’s not engineering.'”

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