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4 Tips for Getting Along Better With Your Boss

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If you don’t like your boss, you probably don’t love going to work every day. In fact, bad managers are the number one reason people quit their jobs. No matter how you feel about your boss now, getting along better could make a big difference to your happiness at work. It makes sense to try to fix this dynamic. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you build a good relationship with him or her.

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1. Remember to have fun.

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If you want to have a better relationship with your manager, be sure to have fun throughout the day. No one enjoys negativity, as it tends to drag the whole group down. Be someone who makes the office a better, brighter, more enjoyable place to be. It will help change your mindset and will likely endear you to your whole team.

Research has found that when people are around someone who is displaying positive emotions, they are more likely to view that person as collegial, cooperative, and competent. Working hard is important, and your boss will surely appreciate it, but don’t forget to have some fun around the office too.

2. Build trust.

All good relationships are built on trust. So, make sure that you’re always someone who can be trusted. Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

Also, be honest in your communications. If something isn’t going well, don’t pretend that it is. Additionally, your body language can also help to demonstrate your trustworthiness, so be aware of the subtle signals you may be sending in that regard. As your boss learns to trust you, and vice-versa, the relationship will strengthen and grow naturally.

3. Don’t be intimidated.

Try to relax and enjoy the conversations that you have with your boss a little more. It can be easy to feel a bit intimidated during these interactions, but being too formal or nervous could be holding back your relationship.

Instead, try to project a more relaxed persona. Your boss will likely match the emotions you bring to the table. Also, she’s likely to enjoy interacting with you more once you’ve relaxed into the relationship a little. A lot of people act a bit differently around the boss and get nervous. If you don’t, your boss will likely find interactions with you to be more relaxed and enjoyable, ant it will help you seem more confident as well.

4. Demonstrate your value.

Rather than focusing on just doing a good job with the work you’re assigned, focus on demonstrating your value. Sometimes this even means going against the group. As long as you share your ideas respectfully and bring meaningful ideas to the discourse, these kind of contributions will actually increase your perceived value with your boss. Show that you offer unique and creative ideas and you’ll be one step closer to being seen as indispensable. And, if your boss feels that way about you, your relationship could improve as well as your career.

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