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Show Your Coworkers How You Feel With PayScale Valentines

Topics: Work Culture

Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Flowers, candy, expensive dinners … it gets overwhelming, fast. So if you’ve wandered into the office today and realized that you don’t have any tokens of the (strictly platonic unless sanctioned by HR) love you feel for your coworkers, PayScale is here to help with office-appropriate Valentine’s Day e-cards. Enjoy!

For the Coworker Who Has Never Taken the PayScale Salary Survey

work appropriate valentines

Trust us, they’ll appreciate this little nudge way more than a box of chocolates.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

For the Coworker Who’s Had a Long Week

After all, everybody’s just working for the weekend.

For the Coworker You Suspect Is Underpaid

Watch in delight as your company’s employee engagement statistics skyrocket.

For the Coworker You See After Hours

office valentines

Nothing says “Let’s take this to the next level” like matching paperwork.

For the Coworker Who Can See Your Screen All Day

valentines of reddit

Thanks, open office space.

For the Coworker Who Gets Paid Less Than She Deserves


Salary transparency is the way to everyone’s heart!

For the Coworker Who Needs to Be Reminded of Their Worth


Find out how much those skills are worth, with PayScale’s Salary Survey.

For the Coworker Who Hasn’t Had a Raise in a While


Candy is dandy, but everyone really just wants more cash.

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