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Jack of All Trades Finds Permanent Solution for the Common Resume

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When it comes to making resumes, there are certain standard techniques for helping your CV rise to the top of the stack, like using the right format for the industry, keeping it to one page, and making sure you’re presenting your most relevant experience first. But if you find the maintenance of resumes too tedious, and you like tattoos, this Redditor has one solution you really have to see for yourself.

(Photo Credit: Gazedohc/Imgur)

Redditor Gazedohc has presented the Reddit community with his solution for the common resume – in the form of tattoos.

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OP describes his tattoos as: “My resume, but not one that’d help with future employment opportunities.”

Think what you must about this bold Redditor, but you can’t help but applaud him for his unique approach to documenting his work experience.

“The individual pictures are jobs that I’ve done at some point in my life,” he says. “Whether long- or short-term positions, they’re all there.”

In no particular order, can you spot all of these occupations on OP?

(Photo Credit: Gazedohc/Imgur)

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