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8 Songs to Listen to, While You Quit Your Job

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If you’ve ever resigned or been fired from a job, you know all too well the emotions that go along with it. But, have you ever stopped and wondered, “What song would help me really make a statement as I walk through my office door for the last time?” See for yourself what magical songs these Redditors picked.

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“I don’t. Instead, I hire Randy Newman to sit in the lobby on a piano and just sing about all the stuff I’m doing (packing my things, etc.) as I prepare to leave work.”

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“I work in retail, so ‘MOVE B****’ with gentle, slow-motion face shoves as I exit.”

“My last day here, I plan on bringing a lawn chair and a six-pack, [and] sitting in the boss’s chair while drinking it. When he tells me to get up, I’m going to play ‘Take This Job and Shove It.’ Johnny Paycheck will do the speaking for me.”

“Eminem – ‘Rock Bottom.’ I kinda need my job.”

“‘I’m Still Standing,’ by Elton John, then proceed to do a cartwheel out the door, then transition into a back handspring while kicking my operations manager in the face.”

“Pokemon theme song.”

Lethal Weapon soundtrack. The part with the saxophone. And as I leave I say, ‘Go……SUCK AN EGG!'”

“I’d probably set ‘Hello, Pussycat’ to play on repeat for four hours and leave. Why would I play them a good song?”

Answers have been lightly edited.

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My last day when I left my last job when the Boss walked in I played” another one bites the dust” by Queen as over a week to 2 week span I was the 5th person to leave!!!!!!!!!!

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