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6 Incredible Career Paths of Pusheen the Cat

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve seen Pusheen the cat around your favorite parts of the internet. If you haven’t, prepare yourself to be blown away by this incredibly adorable and talented feline of the interwebs. Not only is Pusheen probably the cutest thing on the internet, but she also has a professional side. Let’s check it out – right meow.

Professional House Sitter, $14,641/year

Okay, maybe Pusheen wasn’t a “real” house sitter, but you have to admit that this cat is good at sitting. If we close our eyes and pretend that Pusheen got paid to loaf around the house, we can assume she was getting paid up to $19/hour or an equivalent of 19 cat treats per hour.

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Musician, $100,524/year

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, Pusheen was a musician?” Of course she was. Although none of her songs cracked the top 100 charts this year, we can still respect Pusheen for her artistic talents. Had Pusheen succeeded in the music industry, she could have been earning millions. It’s been said that Pusheen might have inspired popular artist like Katy Perry back in the day.

Baker, $28,655/year

lets bake pusheen

While Pusheen might have been enthusiastic about her time as a baker, I’m pretty sure we all know she did more snacking than eating. But that’s what you get to do when you’re a cute cat on the internet. According to the PayScale database, Pusheen could have been earning up to $27k a year – not too bad for a cat.

Private Detective, $49,460/year

sherlock pusheen

It’s no surprise that Pusheen’s time as a detective played to her strengths. For example, one of her strengths is her ability to conduct super-secret and serious surveillance on humans and dogs. If you ever had a feeling Pusheen was watching you, she probably was. And she was doing it for almost $50k a year!

Book Author, $51,734/year

Last but not least, in 2013 Pusheen had her first book published, titled “I am Pusheen the Cat.” Of course, we assume she had a little help from her human Claire Belton, but still. Publishing a book is no small feat, and Pusheen did it with grace. Book authors make around $51k a year, or in Pusheen terms, 50 pounds of catnip. 

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