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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Is Your Phone Hurting Your Career?


Picture your last meeting: it probably involved a lot of people staring at their mobile devices, and not many people engaging with the speaker. Worse, our device addiction has spread outside the confines of the conference room. People now look at their phones while they’re supposedly having conversations with clients and colleagues. All of this is rude, of course, but more importantly, it’s an attention-killer. After a few years of checking your phone every couple of minutes, it’s hard to even remember how to entertain yourself or focus on anything. In today’s roundup, we look at a few rules to keep your smartphone and other devices from taking over your life; plus, why someone else got promoted instead of you, and 20 affirmations that will appeal even to people who hate affirmations.

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Anita Bruzzese at 45 Things: Is Your Phone Hurting Your Career?

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“In my job as a journalist, I get to interview a lot of people about a variety of career and workplace issues, and one issue that keeps popping up is the lack of one-on-one connections,” Bruzzese writes. “It’s this lack of personal communications that prevents people from rising in the ranks, creating loyal, professional connections and even from landing big clients.”

Right at this very moment, you’re probably within two feet of the greatest connection-killer in your life, and you pay handsomely each month for the privilege. Millennials are most famous for being attached to their phones 24/7 – a recent Harvard Business Review article cites research that younger people feel real anxiety when separated from their mobile devices – but even being An Old can’t save you from feeling like you need your phone on you at all times. It makes sense: our phones now serve as everything from a Rolodex to a personal assistant. It’s hard to operate without them.

But, that doesn’t mean that always having your phone out and absorbing your attention is good for your career. Bruzzese’s tips will remind you of when it’s in your best interests to put that phone away and engage in person – or just re-learn how to occupy yourself without your social media feeds and Candy Crush.

Farnoosh Brock at Careerealism: 3 Reasons Why the Other Guy (or Gal) Got the Promotion

“Fact: Smart hard-working employees don’t always get ahead, and the confusion leaves most of them frustrated and discouraged,” writes Brock. “The worst part is that nobody really gives you the answers. If only someone at corporate would explain the rules of the system, you would have a better idea how to position yourself for the next upcoming promotion and recognition.”

Your boss might not be willing to tell you the whole truth of why you didn’t get promoted, but Brock will.

Marc Chernoff at Marc and Angel Hack Life: 20 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often

If you’re someone who scoffs at affirmations, Chernoff’s story about his friend who battled learning disabilities in school, but went on to become the co-founder and CEO of a successful startup, might change your mind.

“So how did he do it? How did he push through and overcome the odds?” Chernoff asks. “‘Affirmations,’ he told me with a serious smile when I interviewed him yesterday for a side-project I’m working on. ‘I literally told myself that they were wrong about me. I told myself exactly what I needed to hear, every single day, to move my life forward. It may sound like a cliche to some people, but it’s not; it’s powerful stuff!'”

If you’re still not feeling the affirmation thing, this list is useful just to remind yourself about a few basic facts of life, such as: “I cannot control everything that happens to me; I can only control the way I respond to what happens.”

Good advice for all of us, in both our personal and professional lives.

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