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The 10 Most Popular Career News Stories of 2015

Topics: Negotiation

Look at our list of the most-read stories of the past year, and you’ll learn a lot about the interests and preoccupations of workers in 2015. Bottom line: everyone who’s looking for a job wants to get hired as quickly as possible – and then get paid a good salary. Read on to learn about the skills that will get you hired, the negotiation tricks that will earn you top dollar, and the questions that you should never, ever ask at job interviews.


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1. The 5 Worst States for Teachers

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Teaching is a hard job, but in some states in the U.S., it’s even harder than it has to be. WalletHub‘s annual ranking of the best and worst states to be a teacher shows us not only where teaching is the toughest gig, but what makes being an educator so potentially challenging. (Hint: low pay, crowded classrooms, and schools with lower safety ratings all factor in.)

2. 5 Hard and Soft Skills That Will Get You Hired

Skills like statistical analysis and data mining might get your resume selected for further consideration, but to land the gig, you need to be able to deploy those hard skills in a team environment. This post looks at the full picture of what makes job candidates desirable. The good news is, you might have some of these soft skills already, and be one cover-letter tweak away from impressing your future boss.

3. 11 Questions You Should Not Ask at Interviews

Don’t ask if there’s a drug test, don’t demand salary info right off the bat, and don’t ask when the hiring manager will be calling your references – plus eight other questions that will make you look like a less than prize-winning candidate.

4. 7 Things You Should NEVER Say to Co-Workers

Do not talk about politics at work. Do not talk about politics at work. Do not talk about politics at work. (Less crucially in this upcoming election year, but equally useful to remember: no one wants to hear how tired you are.)

5. 5 Signs to Confirm That Your Bad Boss Is, Indeed, Terrible

When you’re having trouble at work, it’s a good idea to look for things you can change about your own behavior, in order to be more productive and happier in your job – unless you have a boss that exhibits these characteristics, in which case it might just be time to start looking for a new job.

6. 7 Killer Interview Questions Managers Should Ask Prospective Hires

Questions include: “Why shouldn’t I hire you?” The answers you’ll get will tell you a lot more about your potential new team member than the usual brain teasers and goals assessments.

7. Today’s 4 Least Stressful Jobs

You don’t need to choose between high pay and low stress. Some of the least stressful jobs also come with decent salaries.

8. When the Boss Is a Bully

Does it seem like your manager is picking on you? It might not be in your head. Figure out what’s going on, before your bad boss derails your career.

9. Salary Factors: Here’s How Your Employer Decides How Much You Get Paid

Your salary is based on more than just your skills and market demand. Find out how your company determines what constitutes a “competitive salary,” and you’ll know which angles to take the next time you’re negotiating a raise.

10. 6 Tricks to Get the Salary You Deserve

Does the idea of negotiating salary fill you with dread? Maybe you’re not preparing for the conversation in the best possible way. These tips will help even the most reluctant negotiator make a better deal.

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