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How to Actually Make Your New Hire Feel Welcome


Do you have a new hire coming into the office in the new year? They’re probably nervous. While there are those brave few newbies with ice in their veins, the proliferation of advice posts on this subject seem to indicate a large contingent of nervous nellies showing up on day one. In fact, from the stories shared on this blog not too long ago, it’s clear some people let first day jitters get the best of them. If you want your newest rising star to be just that, it might behoove you to take some steps to ensure they don’t see the same fate – all because of a few nerves.

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The best thing you can do is create an onboarding system that removes the jitters from the equation. Are you in full control of a new hire’s psyche? Hopefully not. But these are a few things you can do to help keep it as calm as possible.

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Buddy Check

The buddy system is simple, and one that’s quite self-serving. Not only is it a built-in friend for your new hire, but also someone who can continue to mentor them as they gain experience and confront new questions and challenges in their role at work.

According to the SHRM, having a buddy at work can increase a new employee’s productivity, and even help that new hire feel a faster connection to the organization itself. In the process, you’re also affirming your old employee, letting them know they’re the kind of worker you want training up the fresh crop.

Let Them Hate Mondays

Garfield wasn’t just a lackadaisical lasagna lover: he may have been the great business leader of our time – or at least had some sage advice for onboarding. Mondays aren’t the day that you or your employees are going to be most inclined to take time out and train the new person – so why do you keep bringing them in at the start of the week?

One company, Sales Benchmark Index, actually did a study of new hire satisfaction and found that after surveying new hires that had been starting on Mondays, more than 60 percent lamented that their hiring managers were too busy for them. Their fix? Bring new hires in on Friday. Isn’t everyone in a better mood around your office then anyway?

Make It a Team Effort

You’re not the only one who benefits from getting a new member – the whole team does – so why are you the only one who’s taking the time to get them assimilated? Let onboarding day be a process that your entire team approaches, giving each employee an opportunity to make an impression, lend their unique voice and perspective, and ensure that proper introductions are made and ice is broken.

Making a new hire feel welcome isn’t all that complicated, but it does take time and effort – so make sure you have the resources for that, and not just the extra salary.

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What’s your strategy for making someone’s first day a true success? Do you have a patented plan, or are you more the type to kick them out of the nest and watch that phoenix soar? Tell us your story in the comments below, or by joining the conversation on Twitter.

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