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5 Ways to Work Out at the Office


Before your New Year’s resolutions get pushed to the side, here’s a chance to combat your winter sloth, without a gym membership! There are plenty of ways to incorporate a fitness routine into your workday that won’t alarm your co-workers and won’t break the bank, either. Try a few of these quick exercise ideas and you may also find that your energy improves, along with your mood.

office yoga

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Idea #1: Take a Seat

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Got a chair? You’ve got yourself a workout (and we don’t mean Sit and Be Fit-level). You can do a lot of great workout movements with only a sturdy chair. Try this set from Darebee, which is presented in a printable PDF that’s perfect for your cube wall. You can do several sets of these movements in between meetings, or make them into a 3 p.m. break where you test your feats of strength with a co-worker.

Idea #2: Have a Ball

If you’re already using a stability ball at the office for your desk chair, then good for you! You’ve got the perfect tool to work your core muscles. Daily Burn has a series of five moves put into easy-to-follow gifs so you can see exactly what you should do to give your core a blast between spreadsheets.

Idea #3: Get Bendy

Just as important as building up those muscles, is being sure to stretch them out. You can try some office yoga or Pilates moves, or even a simple set of at-your-desk stretches that will take some pressure of your hunched back, neck, and shoulders while you type.

Idea #4: Get Stretchy

You don’t need heavy weights to get a muscle workout. Try some resistance bands that you can easily keep tucked in a desk drawer. These make great workout partners that you can adjust as you get stronger, or need some workout variety. Try some of these banded workouts from Greatist to get started.

Idea #5: Step It Up

If you want to incorporate some serious cardio into your day, the answer is probably nearby (and free). It’s those stairwells that nobody uses! If you’ve got an itch to get mobile, try adding a stair workout to your daily routine. Start slowly, even just walking flights of stairs inside, or even in a nearby parking garage or park. If you’ve only got a floor or two, make a circuit out of it. Here are some quick tips on how you can charge up your workouts from Men’s Health or try Real Simple’s 15-minute version. If you don’t want to get sweaty and then go back to work, just add the routine to the end of your day before you head home. No gym commute needed!

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