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5 Ways to Winterize Your Cubicle


Even with global warming, your cube is somehow the coldest point on the planet. And since you can’t just start a fire in your trashcan (it’s frowned upon), you’re going to have to figure out a way to stay warm and happy at work this winter. Before you go ask Mr. Scrooge if you can put another lump of coal on the brazier, try one of these quick tips.


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Problem: Not enough light!
Solution: Get a light box and bulbs

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When winter clouds get you down, you could be in trouble. Seasonal Affective Disorder (a.k.a. SAD) is a real issue, and one way to combat winter depression is to strike back with some healthy light. This doesn’t mean you should go tanning, but instead try a light therapy box for about an hour every day. This blue-ish light can help your brain think it’s not so glum to be stuck on the darker side of the planet for a few months. (Plus, Daylight Savings Time, ungh.)

Problem: You’re bundled up for outside, but sweating inside
Solution: Layer, layer, layer

Sure, you have to dress like Nanook of the North to get from your house to your office, but once you’re there, that wool long underwear doesn’t seem like such a great idea. If you have to get bundled to keep your skin safe in the elements, make sure to tack on a little extra time to change out of those sweaty layers once you get in to the office. While stripping in the office bathroom isn’t very pleasant, it’s far better than sweating through the day (and feeling like a used gym sock in your quarterly meeting). Try lightweight layers you can store easily with your coat like silk long underwear and don’t forget to dash on some extra deodorant or baby powder to feel fresh all day.

Problem: Snow and slush aren’t very professional
Solution: Commute boots

Who doesn’t want to stay warm and dry when they’re navigating slushy puddles and snow banks? But when you hit the office, your giant Sherpa boots might not be the right thing to go with your smart outfit. Keep a couple of basic work-appropriate shoes in your desk throughout the winter. Change out of your commute boots and into some basic black or brown shoes right when you get in. (If they always stay at your desk, you won’t have to worry about forgetting them in the morning.) You’ll give your boots time to dry throughout the day (maybe on a snazzy boot tray to catch the goo) and you’ll be a fashionista at that 9 a.m. meeting.

Problem: You’re fricking freezing!
Solution: Work blanket!

Call it a Snuggie, a Slanket, or just plain awesome. If you can get away with a little whimsy at your cube, this former “hot item” for White Elephant gifts is actually pretty tremendous when it comes to combating the icy temps in your office. Whether you’re cold because Barb in Accounting won’t inch up the heat one measly degree, or because no matter what time of year, that air vent is going right down the back of your neck all day, some kind of blanket is going to save the day for you. My personal favorite? The Wonder Woman one.

Problem: You can’t have a space heater
Solution: Drink your way warm!

We’re not talking alcohol here (which actually makes you feel colder), but instead, try keeping hydrated throughout the day with hot beverages. Even just sipping on hot water can keep your insides warm and your fingers nice and toasty. It also has a psychological effect to make you feel happier! Bonus!

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