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5 TV Characters Who Could Never Hold a Job in Real Life


Much like you, your TV favorites play their part in the 40-hour work week. Thanks to the magic of television, these characters make having careers in physics and marketing seem easy. But, do you think they could honestly hold these gigs in real life?


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Fox Mulder, FBI Investigator
You might recognize Fox Mulder from a little show called The X-Files. Mulder and his partner Dana Scully are FBI agents who investigate strange and unexplained occurrences in the ’90s. From aliens to the paranormal, this FBI duo has literally seen it all. But given everything we know about Mulder, wouldn’t he have been fired by now? More often than not, Mulder defies his superiors by either investigating something he shouldn’t or by putting his own life at risk. Think about it – how many scenes have you seen of Mulder in Walter Skinner’s office about to get booted from the FBI? The answer is probably a lot.

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Charlie Kelly, Head Janitor at Paddy’s Irish Pub
If you’ve ever watched an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you’re familiar with lovable man-child Charlie. Green Man, anyone? Much like the rest of the gang, Charlie is a heavy drinker as well as a little bit of a sociopath. Heavy day-boozing, in addition to his overall poor hygiene, would make it difficult for Charlie to hold any kind of job. Cheer up, Charlie, we still love you and your milk steaks.


Sheldon Cooper, Senior Theoretical Physicist at CalTech.

As the main star on The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is more than qualified for his profession. But being smart isn’t always enough to keep a steady job. For example, how many times can you recall Cooper being blatantly offensive to his colleagues? The reality is that nobody wants to work with a bully, even if it is Sheldon Cooper. Sorry Shelly.


Peter Griffin, Safety Inspector at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory

Peter Griffin, blue-collar star of the hit show Family Guy, is about the last person on earth you want as your co-worker. With an insanely low IQ, Griffin attempts to be the safety inspector at the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory in Quohog before he is fired after a night of binge drinking at the local watering hole, The Drunken Clam. Long story short, nobody wants to work with people who are hungover all the time.

peter griffin 

Adam DeMamp, Telemarketer at TelAmeriCorp
Along with the other Workaholics, Adam DeMamp is a telemarketer who cares more about day-drinking and partying than meeting his quota. Not only that, but DeMamp tends to influence his co-workers Blake and Ders to join him in many termination-worthy activities. From ruining each others’ chances for promotions to inappropriately hitting on the CEO, these kids would find a hard time holding a job anywhere. Stay fresh, guys.


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