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5 People Who Got Fired Their First Day Of Work


Getting fired stinks. But getting fired your first day on the job? That’s the worst. If you haven’t been fired from a job on the first day, heed these warnings from Redditors and friends across the interwebs who have gone through this terrible experience so you don’t have to.

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The Hamburgler Who Couldn’t Stop Eating.
Here’s an eyewitness account from Redditor PotatoLatkes, who explains that when he was working at McDonald’s, a new guy came in and when he saw that they were trashing old hamburger patties, he ate one. Said Hamburgler continued to eat until 10-12 hamburger patties were gone. Eventually, he started making himself a burger with buns and eating those as well. Needless to say, he got fired. “I’m still convinced he had no real plans of working and just wanted to see how many free burgers he could eat before getting canned.”

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The Severance Pay Player.
When your company closes its doors, there isn’t a lot you as an individual can do to stop it. But sometimes, it can work out in your favor. Redditor Betruul explains, “Got Hired. Got desk setup. Boss walked in and told us this branch was closing, don’t come tomorrow. Got 2 months severance pay.” Cue your success kid meme, because that’s probably the only good way to get fired.

The High School Bully Who Totally Deserved It.
Sometimes you get fired yourself. Other times, you inadvertently get someone else fired. Redditor oograh shares that his old high school bully was hired to work at the factory where OP was employed. Factory employees work with dangerous equipment, so horsing around is a big violation of safety. After punching OP in the arm while he was holding a lit torch, the bully was probably already on his way out the door. However, the defining moment was when the bully decided to brag to OP’s supervisor about how he used to beat him up in high school. Needless to say that karma is real, bro.

The Person Who Gets Fired Before He’s Hired.
It’s hard to get fired before you start a job, but it’s not impossible. Take it from Redditor deftss, who says he received a phone call saying that he was let go for not showing up on his first day. This came as a surprise to OP, since at no point after the interview had he been told he was hired. Shockingly, this happened to another user, as well. The other user says that it was really weird when he finally showed up to work and everyone asked where he’d been. “Hey guys, I’m here now..Thanks for hiring me after firing me after forgetting to hire me!”

And This Kid Who Really Loved Rotisserie Chicken.
Everybody likes chicken, but apparently some people love it. Specifically, one hungry deli worker really loves chicken skin. Allow me to explain. Redditor tricerabot says that there was a kid who worked in the deli in the supermarket of his hometown who was fired after he ate all the skin off of every rotisserie chicken they had. The good citizens of Reddit agree that it was probably worth it, stating “nobody lists the job at the deli they had in high school on their resume.”

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My car got towed the night after my first day at a new job. So obviously couldnt make it on time. Called to let them know and was told not to bother coming in

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