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Have You Used PayScale’s Salary Survey to Negotiate a Raise? Let Us Know!

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Career experts continue to build their case for pay transparency, but as of today, most companies are not on board with showing employees how much their colleagues are making. To get a sense of whether your salary stacks up, you need inside information. That’s where PayScale’s Salary Survey comes in.

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The largest real-time salary survey in the world, our Salary Survey adds over 150,000 records each month. As a result, PayScale can tell you whether you’re earning market rate for your work, or whether you’re underpaid.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

As interesting as that information would be in a vacuum, its real purpose of course is to help you get the salary you deserve. That’s why we’re asking users who’ve successfully used the survey to negotiate a raise or higher starting salary to come forward and let us know about it.

From now until December 9, fill us in on your success story and the role the Salary Survey played in your negotiations by contacting PayScale in one of three ways:

  • Tweeting your feedback @PayScale.
  • Posting a photo on Instagram, and tagging @PayScale.
  • Email us directly at advice[at]payscale[dot]com.

If you’ve never taken PayScale’s Salary Survey before, there’s no time like the present. It takes 10 minutes to arm yourself with all the information you need to make your next salary negotiation a much more positive (and significantly less scary) experience.

Taking the survey will generate a free Salary Report with everything you need to know about your present rate of pay and how it stacks up to the salaries of other people in your industry. (Not sure how to read the report? This is a great explanation of what you’re looking at, and how to use it.)

It’s always better to base a salary negotiation on data. For one thing, it’s more persuasive; for another, it goes a long way toward allaying people’s fears of talking about money. And make no mistake: lots of people are still pretty nervous about negotiation salary. When we were preparing the Salary Negotiation Guide, 57 percent of respondents told us that they’d never negotiated pay, and 28 percent of those people said they hadn’t negotiated because they were uncomfortable talking about salary.

If you’ve already used PayScale’s Salary Survey to boost your pay, you know that coming prepared with data is the best way to master a salary negotiation. Now’s the time to share your success with other folks who are still mustering up the courage to ask for what they deserve.

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