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5 #WorkFail Tweets Guaranteed to Probably Make You Laugh


From wardrobe malfunctions to co-workers seeing you do your thing in a bathroom stall, we collected the most hilarious #WorkFails on Twitter with a side of usable career advice to help you move forward.


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Today not your day? This week not your week? It’s okay – we feel you, and so do so many, many others across the Twittersphere. If you’ve done something dumb this week, or perhaps something dumb has happened to you, don’t beat yourself up about it because here are five other people who feel just like you do – and it’s okay to laugh about it.

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When Typing Is Just Too Hard.

Fingers typing whatever they darn well please? It happens. Staying focused is hard enough, and it gets even worse as the holidays get closer and closer (umm, butt cracker?). There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re staying focused, like only doing one task at a time, or even meditating. 


When You Have a Wardrobe Malfunction.

OH, gurl. Wardrobe malfunctions are the worst, especially when you don’t notice it until all of your co-workers do. If you work in an office environment where you’re allowed to and prefer to wear more casual outfits like sweaters and skirts, make it a habit to take a couple of minutes in the morning to ensure everything is tucked in and being worn where it should be, before you leave. See all of our tips for office dress codes here.


When You Forget How to Email

You can literally hear the whooshing sound of your email being sent without any of things you meant to send with it. That is also the sound of regret. One tip that can save you some pain in the future, is to attach your attachment BEFORE you begin writing your email. I know – it’s madness, but give it a try.


When Carbs Are the Only Thing Working For You

I’m not usually someone to hate on carbs, but if carbs are more inspiring to you than your actual job – perhaps you just need to take a break. Not from your job, but physically move away from your desk temporarily and get your mind thinking about something else. Your breaks should be timed so that you have a period of being extremely focused, followed by a break. This is a great way to bust through writer’s block. 


When You Have a Really Awkward Bathroom Moment

I’ll admit, just reading this tweet made me feel awkward for our friend Clayton. If this happens to you, the goal is to make things as less awkward, as much as possible. Not an easy task, but no matter what you’re embarrassed about at work, some easy tips can help you win a recovery. Be accountable, apologize, and fix the problem. In this case, perhaps Clayton can come up with a few ideas to keep the bathroom doors locked so his co-workers don’t have to go through the same embarrassment.


Do you have a favorite #WorkFail tweet we missed? Comment below or join the discussion on Twitter!

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