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Workplace Lulz: When Blissful Ignorance Turns Your Career Into an Awkard Penguin


You’re serious about your career, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a side order of lulz along with your career advice. With the help of socially awkward penguin and Scumbag Steve, we tackle the issues of generations in the workplace, introverts who are forced to socialize at work, and dress codes in this week’s Workplace Lulz.

When You Work for a Software Company and Decide to Dress Up.

Via Reddit User Nimobo

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In the tech industry, dress codes are generally more relaxed and casual than other corporate environments. With that said, deciding to dress up every now and then can actually boost your focus in the workplace. However, there are companies like Google who consistently perform at the top of their game while having incredibly lax dress code standards.

When Your Co-Workers are Mostly Baby Boomers.


If your baby boomer co-workers are asking you questions like “How do I open Internet Explorer?” or “How do I send a group email?” you might relate to this meme. Millennials excel in technologies that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, so try to give your Baby Boomer co-workers a break. After all, you are the expert!

When Your Own Blissful Ignorance Pays Off.

Via Reddit user Blue59

It’s getting closer to the holidays and that means more and more businesses will be extending their operating hours. If you accidentally work on a holiday and get a raise, I say way to go! But moving forward, you should make yourself aware of labor laws to ensure that you aren’t being legally overworked when you accidentally show up at the office.

When You’re the Office Introvert.

Via Reddit User lets_hit_reset

Spoiler Alert: When you’re the office introvert, everyone you work with knows it. But just because you’re introverted, don’t shut yourself off from the rest of your co-workers. In general, there are a few tips you can follow if you’re the introverted type. For example, don’t be afraid to plan out what you’re going to say in advance, and remember that whether it’s a conversation with the candy lady, or a presentation at the company meeting, you have something to contribute.

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