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Workplace Lulz: Bacon Bits Are the Key to Career Success


With help from our friends at Reddit, your Friday is about to get significantly better. Take some advice from awkward seal and this dog dressed up in a suit as we take on the hilarious and sometimes sensitive issues we often experience in the workplace. Today, we cover everything from understanding your benefits to how to deal when your co-worker brings his pet goat to your BBQ. Oh, and Bacon Bits.

When You’re Waiting to Hear Back from a Job Application


Via Reddit User Seventh_Planet

Do You Know What You're Worth?

You’ve perfected your resume (right?), found your dream job, and you applied. Now what? Whether you just clicked “send” or are in the later stages of interviews, there are some simple best practices you can follow to avoid post-interview faux pas. (For example, yes, you do actually need to send a thank-you note.)

When You Aren’t Really Sure If You Have Free Time at Work

Via Reddit user J255

If you find yourself asking this question more than once a week, it might be time to utilize the secret power of to-do lists. To-do lists are helpful, but only if they help you do the right things, in the right order, and at the right time. Not to mention, keeping to-do lists will keep you on top of your projects and looking like a rock star to your boss.

When You Have an Extremely Helpful Work-From-Home Buddy

Via Reddit User FingerIsMySafety

Working from home is a privilege, and most would jump at the opportunity to do so. The downside? Sometimes, working from home can get a bit lonesome (unless you have an adorable puppy, of course). You can also learn a lot about yourself while working from home, like the fact that you have way more self control than you ever thought!

When You Just Got a New Job After Being Unemployed for Way Too Long

Via Reddit user StapleBattery

Ahh. Sweet, sweet career victory! Now that you secured a job, it’s time to make sure that you understand your benefits. Does your company provide unlimited PTO? How about stock and equity? 401k? Negotiating your benefits is crucial, but you have to educate yourself on what those benefits are first.

When a Co-Worker Brings His Goat To Your BBQ

Via Reddit user TheCreatorLovesYou

Okay – maybe this has happened to you, or maybe it hasn’t. Either way, it’s a good reminder that we should all get to know our co-workers a little better. Being friends with your colleagues can prevent awkward situations and encourage productivity.

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