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Want a Job in the Cannabis Industry? Start by Listening to This Podcast.

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The legal marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. right now, and a lot of people are wondering how to get involved. If legalization continues to spread throughout more of the 50 states, there will be even more job opportunities and even more folks hoping to secure a piece of the lucrative market for themselves.

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“In the last year, the rise of the cannabis industry went from an interesting cocktail conversation to being taken seriously as the fastest growing industry in America,” says Troy Dayton, publisher of the third edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets. “At this point, it’s hard to imagine that any serious businessperson who is paying attention hasn’t spent some time thinking about the possibilities in this market.”

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Now, a new podcast by Ganjapreneur, hosted by Shango Los, sheds some light on how to get involved.

Ganjapreneur launched their website just over a year ago, and their podcast is just one of many services they provide. The site publishes industry news, job listings, interviews, and a domain name marketplace for start-ups and venture capital firms.

In a recent episode of their podcast, Los sat down with David Muret of Viridian Staffing for an interview about the types of jobs cannabis companies are offering and the steps to follow in order to secure employment.

“People will be very surprised to find out that their skill sets are relevant to the cannabis Industry,” said Muret. “These companies need the same type of support as any other company does, be it sales, marketing, social media … almost anyone can find a home in this industry if they’re willing to put in the time and the effort.”

In the interview, Muret explores how growers in states that haven’t legalized cannabis can apply to work in legal states. He also highlights how the cannabis industry compares with other more established industries. Finally, he explains that the industry is growing at a rate that’s exceeding many expectations. He anticipates this growth will continue.

Listen to this episode of Ganjapreneur‘s podcast for more information.

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William A. Walsh
William A. Walsh

Living & working in Anchorage, AK


Want a career. Is there opportunity to work remotely in a state that it is not legal. Perhaps marketing or sales.


I live in the state where its here and im trying right now to get a badge to work! Its WORTH IT. Plus you can find some companys that have the same benefits as a NORMAL job.


I am not sure if cannabis industry will be profitable if there is such mad rush for it.

Cannabis Really?
Cannabis Really?

Wow..the moment they make it legal, there is a rush..Has anyone evaluated what is the profitability of cannabis industry?

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