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The 4 Highest Paying Jobs of 2015


Money isn’t everything, but being well compensated for your time and efforts never hurts either. Recently, CareerCast released their list of the highest paying jobs of 2015. Their wage data came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they based their ranking on other factors as well including stress, and future income potential. Let’s take a look at the four highest paying jobs of 2015.


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1. Surgeon. Annual Median Wage – $352,200. Growth outlook – 18 percent.

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In their Jobs Rated report, CareerCast ranked the job of Surgeon as the highest paying in all the land. Wages vary extensively depending on the type of work surgeons focus on specifically, but all tracks are lucrative. The job requires an intensive amount of education and training.

2. Psychiatrist. Annual Median Wage – $181,880. Growth outlook – 18 percent.

With an average of well above six figures, Psychiatrists are handsomely paid. Experience level, employer, and geography can vary the salary further, with many earning upwards of $250,000. PayScale has also found that most Psychiatrists report a high level of job satisfaction. Like the number 1 slot, this position requires extensive education.

3. Physician (General Practice). Annual Median Wage – $180,180. Growth outlook – 18 percent.

Rounding out the top three is yet another job in the healthcare field. The high salaries aren’t all about the requisite expertise and training these kinds of jobs require; there’s also the important nature of the work itself. Additionally, the high rate of litigation that these professionals often face helps to drive up wages (although potentially drive down take-home pay, once malpractice insurance comes into play).

4. Corporate Executive (Senior Level). Annual Median Wage – $173,320. Growth outlook – 11 percent.

The range of salaries for Senior Level Corporate Executives is vast. The low end of that range is in the modest $70,000 range, but the high-end average lands at around $400,000. Although many find the work rewarding, there is no doubt that this is a stressful, life-consuming job. Experience and training vary more widely for Corporate Execs that for the other professions on the list.

Check out the full list of the highest paying jobs of 2015 for more information.

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