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7 Ways to Immediately Feel More Energized


We’ve all heard advice on how to feel more energized. Unfortunately, getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night just isn’t possible some days, and getting out of the office for a quick walk isn’t always an option either. Although these solutions are probably best in the long term, there are other things you can do for a quick pick-me-up in the meantime. Here are a few quick and easy ways to feel more energized right now.


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1. Have some coffee, and/or some chocolate.

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As long as you don’t go overboard on the coffee (you’ll crash later) a cup of caffeinated joe will definitely wake you up a little. Chocolate also contains a bit of caffeine, and dark chocolate has been shown to stimulate the production of endorphins and it contains the chemical serotonin, which help improve mood.

2. Listen to energizing music, and avoid the opposite.

Music has such a powerful impact on our moods. If you’re feeling run down, definitely be sure to avoid music that compliments that mindset – it will surely make you feel worse. Instead, try listening to a few minutes of something that’s a little more upbeat than your mood; you just might rise to meet that rhythm.

3. Drink a glass of water.

Hydration is very important for many aspects of health and wellness. Even slight dehydration causes your body to have to work harder to do its job, sapping your energy. Have a quick, cold glass of water and see if it doesn’t give you a little boost.

4. Literally see red.

Colors have an impact on our moods, and the color red is known to be an energizing color. (Purple and yellow work, too.) So, if you’re feeling a little down, turn your attention toward something red. Maybe try selecting the red coffee cup instead of another color, for example. The effects might be subtle, but even a slight improvement to your energy level could make a world of difference.

5. Step outside…

…even just for a minute. Spending time in nature improves mood and raises energy levels. Situate your desk so that it faces a window if you can, especially if there is a tree or some grass out there. Even choosing a seat that allows you to see out of a window during a meeting could help. But, if you can, go outside, just for a few. Breathing the fresh air, and just looking at the nature that surrounds you, could be really helpful.

6. Eat some lean protein.

Lean protein helps you think faster and improves reaction time. On the other hand, fat slows down digestion, diverting blood from the brain, which can leave you feeling sluggish. Therefore, lean proteins are a great choice for a quick energy boost 
– think chicken, fish, nonfat yogurt, etc.

7. Spend a few minutes thinking about something that you’re looking forward to.

And, for heaven’s sake, if you can’t think of anything coming up in the near future that you’re excited about – plan something. We all need balance in our lives, and having fun plans to look forward to helps keep us going. Imagine yourself doing the activity that you’re excited about. That should help to wake you right up.

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