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Adobe Offers More Paid Parental Leave


Netflix and Microsoft have already paved the way, but now Adobe announced that it’s joining the other top tech companies in offering more paid leave to parents. Their leave package is now at 26 weeks (10 weeks of medical leave and 16 weeks of parental leave) – that’s double what they offered in the past, but it’s not even really a surprise.

Adobe Announces More Parental Leave

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Why not? 

Do You Know What You're Worth?

We continue to hear this news out of the tech sector, but instead of being shocked that it’s happening, we should be focusing on how to make this more than just a novelty trend. After all, it’s a great idea, and it’s not just one-sided. It benefits the company and the worker! 

It’s a competitive market out there…

Yes, it’s true: it’s competitive out there. Companies are looking for ways to keep good workers, and it’s not just about the compensation package. Employers are finding more creative ways to create a corporate culture that supports employees and contributes to workers’ productivity and happiness.

You’ve demanded it…

We shouldn’t sell ourselves short, though. Employers would not be extending these new paid-leave incentives if they weren’t in the organization’s best interest. Workers have asked for this, whether directly or by voting with their feet, and now employers are taking notice.

It’s about both parents…

While women are usually the focus of most discussion about parental leave policies, companies are beginning to take into account the leave benefits of both parents. In her interview with USA Today, Adobe’s Senior Vice President Donna Morris noted: “Now we will better support all of them, across a spectrum of age, gender and experience, with a diverse mix of family needs and situations.”

We’ve got a long way still to go…

The U.S. ranked last out of 38 countries in government-supported parental leave, according to a report from the Pew Research Center. While stories like these are good news for workers in the tech sector, the question is, will these policies extend beyond a few top employers to support all families?

Now’s the time to make this more than a PR stunt, or a presidential-campaign promise – both of which could quickly dissipate. Let your representatives know how important paid parental leave is to you. Also, talk to your HR representative. Make sure you know what your leave options are. 

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