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SEM Strategists – We All Want to Know, Why Do You Hate Your Job?


This week, we released our annual Most and Least Meaningful Jobs report, featuring a special category for Jobs That Make the World Worse, where we asked workers if they felt their job makes the world a better place. On this list, you wont be too shocked to find that occupations like Fast Food Workers, Warehouse Pickers, and Table Game Floor Supervisors topped the list. But what about SEM Strategists? SEM Strategists tied for fourth on our list of Jobs That Make the World Worse, and I want to know why.


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With a median salary of $52,300, Search Engine Marketing Strategists spend their days managing paid search ads – this can be in the form of AdWords, or even display advertising. SEM Strategists operate on tight budgets and ultimately focus on digital conversions. But that still doesn’t answer the question about why SEM Strategists believe their work makes the world a worse place.

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As someone who has worked in SEM before, I have some thoughts. In my personal experience, SEM can feel a bit intrusive, even as the person doing the actual marketing. Perhaps it’s the constant feeling that surrounds you because you know everyone is trying to avoid your work, a.k.a. not click on your ads – people are literally avoiding you, and your work. For example, how many times have you gone to Google and done a search, only to accidentally click on one of those text ads at the top (and not find what you needed)? Yep, that’s SEM.

Although we don’t really know why SEM Strategists think their jobs make the world worse, we can all sleep better at night knowing that they too feel bad when we click their ads.

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