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Bored or Broke in Retirement? These Part-Time Jobs Might Be for You


A few weeks ago, I wrote about how retirees have more education debt than ever. For some, the simple solution is to pay down what you can with your monthly allowance and leave the rest to liquid assets. But for the more determined folk who’ve left the workforce, coming up with more money after retirement might mean going back to work — at least, part-time.

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No, you don’t need to put your suit back on, or even do the same kind of work you were doing when you made your living. There are plenty of really fulfilling part-time jobs out there for the retired and elderly population — jobs that can give you a monthly stipend or a small amount of pay that can go towards chipping away at debt or saving up for a few of those extra bucket-list adventures.

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And maybe you do want to go back to doing what you did before. There are plenty of scenarios where retirees are coming on as a part-time consultants, paid on an hourly basis with more flexible schedules in fields to which they’ve given their life.

Here are just a handful of jobs that are common for retirees to take on as a means for staying afloat and making the most of retirement. Who knows — you could find that working was the best way you could spend retirement after all!

Virtual Assistant – a.k.a “Keep Your PJs on All Day”

For boomers who know their way around a computer, working as a virtual assistant could prove to be quite the lucrative option. In fact, 13 percent of the virtual assistant workforce is made up of “late career” workers — 20-plus years experience. As long as you have access to your phone, computer, and an internet connection, you’re pretty much good to go.

Hourly wages for a virtual assistant can range anywhere from $10-$30/hour. That means just three hours of work a day could get you as much as an extra $1,800/month. The majority of your pay will be determined by the strength of your skills — the most valuable being CRM, Social Media, and Microsoft Office.

Babysitter – a.k.a. “Professional Grandparent”

If you’re good with your grandkids, you’ll probably be good as a babysitter. Depending on your mobility, one-on-one work through might not be your best option. But, there are plenty of babysitting jobs at places like a children’s hospital or daycare center.

While the hourly pay range for a Child-Care Provider is lower than virtual assistant — $7.42-$14.77 per hour — it’s also much less involved in terms of learned skillsets. If you don’t like kids, steer clear.

Management Consulting – a.k.a. “Wise Sage Who Never Really Retired”

It’s OK if you don’t like not working. Maybe you were in the consulting industry for years and now you feel like you’re stuck in the same spot all day everyday — the lack of change is actually starting to wear on you. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to start exploring the option of part-time consulting for your old firm.

Even if you weren’t in consulting before, there are plenty of business and management careers that translate well into consulting. As some who works part-time or remotely, you can negotiate for hourly compensation anywhere in the ballpark of $20-$185 per hour, depending on your clients, skills, and experience.

If you feel like you’re itching for a change, and ready for a new challenge, don’t let your retirement be something that holds you back. Retirement is an opportunity to pursue the dreams and goals that you haven’t yet been able to achieve. If a part of achieving those goals means going back to work for a little extra “funding,” then so be it.

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I was a medical transcriptionist for 20 years. Now I miss being busy after retiring. Would like to make some money as well. I have excellent typing and English skills.

Madhav Shanbhag
Madhav Shanbhag

I recently retired from workforce and I am interested in exploring opprtunities as a virtual assistant.

Belinda Stringer
Belinda Stringer

Great article. You can definitely use your previous skills to work as a Virtual Assistant. There are many jobs that are virtual now including customer service, help desk, writing, administrative, social media and many others.

Best to you,
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