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5 Great Tech Jobs That Don’t Require STEM Degrees


There are many reasons why big tech companies have become such popular places to work. The pay is good, the perks are often excellent, and the job satisfaction reported by employees is reassuring. Also, these jobs often provide the innovation and professional growth opportunities that today’s workers want.

user experience manager

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Pursuing a STEM degree is becoming a popular path to career success. After all, America needs more STEM students to fill the available positions, and there are plenty of people out there who can’t wait to jump in with both feet.

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But, what if you don’t have a STEM degree? It turns out, there are still plenty of great jobs in tech available to you. Last week, Fortune released their list of the top 10 tech jobs that don’t require STEM degrees based upon data gathered from PayScale. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their picks.

1. User Experience Manager (median salary, $100,356). Typical degree: Bachelor’s degree in graphic/web design or related areas.

Fortune chose these jobs based upon salary, frequency of non-STEM degree employees, and job satisfaction. Based upon these criteria, User Experience Manager landed at number one. Strong leadership and team building skills allows these folks to soar as they lead groups of developers and designers while facilitating the user experience design and managing experience features on behalf of their organization.

2. Strategy Manager (median salary, $96,110). Typical degree: MBA.

Strategy Managers succeed when they possess both excellent analytical and organizational skills. The complex work of designing and implementing strategic goals demands these strengths, compelling many Strategy Managers to travel between offices coordinating the objectives, projects, and the communications, of various teams. Flexibility and excellent time management skills are also a huge plus.

3. Business Insights and Analytics Manager (median salary, $93,359). Typical degree: Bachelor’s in business or finance.

Along with having experience in business (also a business degree in many cases) Business Insights and Analytics Managers frequently have backgrounds in statistics and finance. These folks are highly valued by organizations for their keen ability to head a staff of managers and analysts who examine trends in the marketplace and make predictions as to the best course of action for the company.

4. General Counsel (median salary, $149,209). Typical degree: J.D.

A degree from a nationally certified law school is absolutely necessary to work as a General Counselor. Many people with these degrees end up working in business, helping companies handle a variety of legal matters from copyright management and infringement to insurance fraud. General Counselors make great money, but they often work very long hours.

5. Financial Analysis Manager (median salary, $89,317). Typical degree: Bachelor’s in economics or finance.

In addition to a possessing a degree in a relevant field, Financial Analysis Managers often have previous experience with the industry, and managerial experience as well. They also should possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to present complex information to non-financial professionals in a clear way.

Be sure to check out the complete list to see other high paying tech jobs that don’t require a STEM degree.

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Thanks for the post idea, Charles! That’s definitely something other readers will want to know about, too.


How about tips for those in their 50’s who are currently supervisors or managers in the tech world with no degree? Now that the job market is supposed to be opening up, as well as this “need” for more technically skilled workers, some of us non-degreed techies are looking as well. Heck, we are the generation that brought “on-line” to you (did you see the recent episodes of “Halt and Catch Fire”?)

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