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Jon Stewart Comes Clean About His Top-Secret Bootcamp for Vets


Jon Stewart has long showed his support for soldiers and veterans, even as he’s been a vocal critic of the Iraq War. So, it’s not a surprise that he’s now being credited for a training program to help veterans break into the entertainment industry.

Jon Stewart

(Photo credit: Air Force Tech. Sgt. Adam M. Stump/Wikipedia)

Why’s it such big news?

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Of course, it’s Jon Stewart, but the newsworthiness goes far beyond his claims to fame. So, why is it important for you to know?

1. It was a secret.

This news is coming out just as Jon Stewart prepares to leave The Daily Show, but it’s important to be aware that there are many great opportunities are out there, and they aren’t necessarily publicly available (or publicized). If you’re interested in a given industry, it’s worth looking directly at employers in the space, instead of relying solely on job boards.

2. Look for ways your skills transfer.

When workers transition to a new career, there’s a tendency to think in terms of a clean slate. In fact, your old job might have given you skills that make you a perfect candidate for your new job.

This program appears to be the perfect opportunity for vets. Justine Cabulong compares it with being a Marine, saying: “The show is high tempo; it’s pretty chaotic; you have to work together.”

3. There’s strength in diversity.

The idea appears to stem from the idea of bringing divergent voices and experience. As Stewart said in an interview with The New York Times: “To be good in this business you have to bring in different voices from different places, and we have this wealth of experience that just wasn’t being tapped.”

4. Interested in a program like this? Look for copycats.

The “crash course” started three years ago, with some prompting from the American Corporate Partners. Now that the program is public, Stewart is busy challenging others to “steal” the idea. After all, why not? He’s already proven that the idea works. 

The proponents of this immersive five-week course are all convinced about the life-changing benefits of this crusade. It makes a difference, and it gives those vets a chance. What would it be like if we could build other successful programs like that? What could we learn? 

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