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5 Things You Learn About Yourself By Working From Home


Most employees would do anything and everything to be granted the opportunity to work from home, even occasionally. The idea of working in pajamas, not having to sit in traffic, and not dealing with pesky co-workers are just a few of the majestic wonders that make not going into the office so desirable. If you pay attention, you might even learn a few surprising insights into your own goals and motivations.

5 Lessons Working From Home Teach Professionals

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For example…

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1. You want what you can’t have, but when you have it, it’s not so mysterious anymore.

Once you’re given the opportunity to work from home, you see that it’s not such a mystery anymore. Sometimes, the luxuries of working from home can grow old quickly. For example, you have more privacy, but that also means there are zero people to talk to in-person, which can become lonesome over time. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. 

2. You actually do like the work you do, you just don’t like going into the office every day.

When you’re given the opportunity to escape the everyday nuances of the office and work in a more appealing environment (i.e. the comfort of your own home), you might come to see that your work isn’t as bad as it might have seemed when you were confined to the office – heck, you may even discover that you enjoy your work.

It’s not a huge surprise that office politics are enough to make you loathe your job, so when that factor is eliminated, you’re able to reconnect with the work that you do and focus on your contributions to the company’s goals, rather than on how much you hate your job.

3. Working more isn’t such a bad thing … when you’re doing it on your own schedule.

Flex time is a gift, because you are able to work when you’re most productive and you don’t feel guilty for taking breaks to recharge.

Now, we’re not talking about the employees that abuse their work-from-home privileges and don’t get work done because they’re too busy binge-watching Netflix. We’re talking about the work-from-homers who utilize their time productively and efficiently during the day and don’t mind having to hop on their computers to wrap up loose ends after dinner.

Being able to manage your schedule and meet deadlines as a remote worker is a huge plus and encourages your employer to entrust you with more freedom and responsibility down the line.

4. You actually have more self-control that you thought.

Have you ever been out to lunch with co-workers and craved an ice-cold beer or delicious glass of wine? You’re definitely not alone. You may have even given in to your desires and indulged in a tasty adult beverage or two while on your lunch break. (You rebel, you.)

However, when you’re working from home and don’t have to sneak or ask for permission to have a drink during work hours, the thrill is gone and you seem to revert back to the responsible adult you’re expected to be (and want to be) and wait until you’re “off the clock” to quench your thirst.

5. Fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams could become a reality one day soon.

Working from home allows you a slight glimpse into the entrepreneurial life in that you must find the self-control, motivation, and will to manage your work effectively, without someone breathing down your neck. Despite the fact that you have a boss or two to report back to at the office, you still must take the initiative to manage your schedule to ensure that you meet your deliverables on time.

You’d be surprised how many people think working from home is a free ticket to cheat the system and not work. If you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur someday soon, then use your work-from-home time wisely by mastering the basics of being your own boss.

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Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

that’s a great article. I am a student and after reading this I realized how lazy I am when working at home as compared to while I am in my college and with my friends.
“Be your own boss”.
That’s what I would become now.

Cecelia Jernegan
Cecelia Jernegan

Great article and you did hit the nail on the head! I worked from a home office for 10 years for a major company. I published an easy read cliff note type booklet on Amazon to help others with best practice tips. interviewed me in this article:
Working from home is awesome but there are tricks to doing it right!

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