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The 5 Most Recommended Jobs, According to PayScale Users


Here at PayScale, we love data. But, much more than that, we love sharing meaningful, valuable data with our readers. We’re always trying to find information that helps folks make the best decisions about their careers and professional lives. As part of PayScale’s recent data package, Best Jobs for You, we looked at the jobs most recommended by people who took PayScale’s Salary Survey. If you’re looking for a career change, this is the place to start.

nurse practitioner

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Here are the top five most recommended jobs on our list:

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1. (tie) Vice President, Human Resources (median salary – $125,177).

This high-paying job, which comes with a lot of responsibilities, was recommended by nine out of 10 VPs of Human Resources surveyed. HRVPs oversee contracts and policy. They ensure compliance with labor laws across the company, and manage teams. An acute attention to detail, and a strong ability to work closely with many different people are important skills for success with this work.

1. (tie) Adult Nurse Practitioner (median salary – $87,266).

Tied for most recommended job, with nine out of 10 Adult Nurse Practitioners recommending it to others, this position stands out among the rest. Most work in hospitals or clinics on 12-hour shifts, and although the pay is relatively high, about 20 percent do not have benefits. Still, despite the long hours and high challenge of the work, (physical, emotional, intellectual…) nurse practitioners who work with adults over 21 years of age would recommend their job to others more than almost anyone else. It is extremely rewarding, as they make a real difference in many people’s lives each and every day.

1. (tie) Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) (median hourly wage – $17.46).

Rounding out our three-way tie for the most recommended job is the title of Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. Despite the relatively low pay, most people who are in this line of work report high job satisfaction. It’s interesting to note that this title, and that of Adult Nurse Practitioner (another highly recommended job), are primarily female dominated. Historically, men and women report relatively equal levels of job satisfaction, but it is significant that several female-dominated professions top our list this year.

4. (tie) Senior Pastor (median salary – $54,019).

About 88 percent of Senior Pastors would recommend their job to others. It’s the type of work you should feel a passion for, and those who find that connection to their work do tend to feel more satisfied. Doing what you love makes you happier, and maybe that’s the takeaway for all of us from the high ranking of Senior Pastor on this list. These folks work hard to build and support a spiritual community. They often do a great deal of service work, and tirelessly focus on improving the lives of others. Their high job satisfaction, and their eagerness to recommend the job to others, shows that the work is making their own lives richer as well.

4. (tie) Civil Engineer in Training (median salary – $50,915).

This important step in the career path toward Civil Engineer requires a lot of education and training. Civil Engineers in Training participate in the design and implementation of projects such as buildings, bridges, and other structures, and they analyze data, charts, maps, etc., in order to plan and report on these projects. They also assist in managing project sites, and the people who work on them. People with this job title enjoy their work, and recommend it to others at a rate of 88 percent.

It’s important to find a job that you love if you’re looking for job satisfaction. That’s the common thread that binds these most recommended jobs – they’re done by people who love their work. Check out the full list of most-recommended jobs for more information.

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