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The 5 Least Recommended Jobs, According to PayScale Users


Some people are eager to recommend their job to others. They can talk for hours about the excitement and fulfillment their work brings to their lives, and they often go on and on about how much they enjoy what they do. While others – well, not so much….

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Here at PayScale, we take great pride in bringing you information that helps you make good, reasoned, informed decisions about your future. That’s we asked users who completed our Salary Survey whether or not they would recommend their job to others. The results were pretty revealing. Here’s a look at the five least recommended jobs, for your consideration.

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1. Press Operator (median hourly wage – $15.27).

This work can be somewhat repetitive, but that alone doesn’t explain Press Operators unfavorable recommendation rate for their job – the lowest of any position surveyed. Perhaps the ranking has to do with concerns for the position’s sustainability in the future, as the printing industry shifts alongside the digital age.

2. Crew Leader (median hourly wage – $11.53).

Crew Leaders, who generally work in a restaurant or similar place of employment, have many managerial responsibilities. They organize teams, delegate tasks, set schedules, and generally manage the big picture on the ground level of their workplace. The job is very stressful and ever-changing. With new fires to put out every day, quick turnover of employees, and a lot of pressure, it’s not difficult to understand why Crew Leaders aren’t likely to recommend their job to others.

3. (tie) File Clerk (median hourly wage – $11.16).

File Clerks help offices run smoothly through attending to a great many odds and ends. However, given the fact that only 20 percent of File Clerks would recommend their job to others, we’re guessing the level of autonomy and appreciation that the work generates leaves something to be desired.

3. (tie) Auto Maintenance Repairer (median hourly wage – $17.05).

The work of Auto Maintenance Repairers, traditionally described at auto mechanics, is changing. More formal training is required than in the past, and they are increasingly utilizing electronic testing equipment for diagnostics. Perhaps these changes explain the fact that only one in 5 workers would recommend this job to others. Plus, it’s always difficult to work with the public – especially in situations when customers are under a lot of stress.

5. Shipping Clerk (median hourly wage – $12.82).

These jobs are increasing in number as more and more shopping is done online. These workers attend to orders and deliveries, ensuring that everything runs smoothly pertaining to the warehouse and shipping end of the business. Maybe it’s the physically demanding nature of the work that leads people to feel they wouldn’t recommend their jobs to others, or maybe it’s working long hours in a warehouse that leaves folks feeling unenthused. Most likely, it’s a combination of many factors that contribute to Shipping Clerk’s lack of job satisfaction.

Check out the complete list of least recommended jobs for more information.

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