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The 5 Best Employers in the US


What makes an employer good? A combination of job satisfaction, low job stress, flexible work options, and high job meaning – and let’s not forget pay, both today and over time. Using PayScale data, Business Insider recently ranked Fortune 500 companies to see which employers stand out among the elite, from the perspective of their employees.


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These are the top five companies:

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1. Facebook

What was your raise like last year? Probably it wasn’t as good as the one you’d earn at Facebook, where employees with five years’ tenure earn a median salary of $135,000. Pay in general at the most popular social network in the U.S. is 17 percent above market, according to PayScale’s Career Research Center. Facebook also offers a variety of perks, including free food and an on-site gym.

2. Google

The tech giant offers laundry and gyms on-site, as well free food and shuttle service to work, and a $133,000 median salary after five years. No wonder its employees report an 84 percent high job satisfaction rating.

3. Amgen

Although a less well-known brand than Facebook or Google, biotech company Amgen also boasts an 84 percent high job satisfaction rating among its employees, as well as a five-year median salary of $119,000. A high number of employees also reported that their job was extremely flexible.

4. Chevron

When you think Chevron, you probably don’t think telecommuting opportunities. But, 19 percent of their 60,000-plus employees work from home, at least part of the time. That, plus $118,000 median pay after five years, probably goes a long way toward explaining their 80 percent high job satisfaction rate.

5. Bristol-Meyers Squibb

This pharmaceutical company has an 81 percent rate of high job meaning and a median annual salary of $109,000. Business Insider also notes that it was named a top employer by Working Mothers magazine – probably a reason why 56 percent of its employees are female, an unusually high percentage for an employer at the top of this list.

See the full list of the top 50 American companies to work for, at “Business Insider.”

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Articles like this would be significantly more helpful if they listed, at the least, the city where the company has it’s headquarters. Even better would be to include a list of major locations. I’m certain, there are many readers who, like myself, are interested in the best place to work or similar discussions but who are not in a position to relocate to wherever the best place happens to be and don’t have time to Google them all. Many of… Read more »

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