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The 4 Easiest Jobs to Keep


Unemployment data can be misleading. One figure alone cannot paint an accurate picture of the current job market because so many variables come into play when trying to really understand the issue. Depending on education, professional experience, location, and industry, the employment picture can look very different.

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Recently, 24/7 Wall St analyzed 2014 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to better understand unemployment rates by industry. Previously, we looked at the four hardest jobs to keep. Now, it’s time to consider at the four easiest jobs to keep – the ones with the greatest job security, according to the report.

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1. Chiropractor (median annual salary – $53,093).
Unemployment rate: 0.1 percent

There are a couple of commonalities between the three most secure jobs on the list. First, they are jobs that require a fairly high amount of education, and second, they are all in the medical field. In the end, the job security offered chiropractors is impressive. Just 1 in 1000 chiropractors were unemployed last year.

2. Dentist (median annual salary – $123,206).
Unemployment rate: 0.2 percent (tied for second)

In addition to high education levels and being in the medical field, our top three slots have something else in common – they come with high salaries. Dentists actually take the prize with the highest salary in our top four. Dentists are often generalists, and they’re in demand no matter what’s happening with the economy. The fantastic job security they enjoy is just one more perk.

3. Physician Assistants (median annual salary – $84,060).
Unemployment rate: 0.2 percent (tied for second)

The job of physician assistant is changing, and it varies a bit depending on location. But, generally, physician assistants perform routine procedures or tasks generally executed by doctors. Physician assistants’ job security has grown considerably in the last few years, and there is no reason to expect anything different in the future.

4. Aerospace Engineer (median annual salary – $76,575).
Unemployment rate: 0.3 percent

Our fourth most secure job title goes to aerospace engineers. Given the amount of education, experience, and natural talent/intelligence the position requires, it’s not surprising that there are hardly enough people to fill the available positions in this industry. Manufacturing of airplanes and parts remains one of America’s most robust industries.

Check out the full list of easiest jobs to keep, or the complete list of 2014 employment by occupation, for more information.

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