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Love to Travel? Here Are 5 Jobs Perfect for You


Do you dream of working while traveling the world? If you can’t fathom planting your roots in a single city, you might think of yourself as a “digital nomad” instead – spending a few weeks or a few months in a different city, staying with friends or in an Airbnb rental while working at the same time.

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If this sounds up your alley, there are plenty of career opportunities that allow you to travel and earn a steady paycheck. Here are five of our favorite jobs that are perfect for you if you love to travel:

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1. Flight Attendant

While most flight attendants fly out of a “home base” (meaning they eventually go home to the same city where they keep an apartment or home) flight attendants can train and opt to travel anywhere in the world, especially if they choose to work for an international airline. These professionals can also work their schedule to have extended layovers, so they can end one shift at an international destination, enjoy the city as a tourist for a few days, and start another shift from that same location. It’s a great job if you love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

2. English Teacher

English-teaching jobs are in high-demand around the world, and there are dozens of programs available (which you can find through a quick Google search) that will not only certify you but also help you navigate the murky waters of working abroad. Additionally, some programs will also pay for your housing and food, so you can save most of your salary for exploring on the weekends and vacations between semesters and during holidays. Not only is this job extremely rewarding, but you’ll be able to travel more of the the world in a shorter span of time.

3. Web Designer or Social Media Consultant

If you have coding or social media skills, you know that you can work with clients from anywhere, thanks to virtual tools such as Skype and Google Docs. Since all you need is a computer and Wi-Fi connection to get this type of work done, becoming a consultant allows you to travel the world while working with clients who may also be anywhere in the world. Just be sure you remember to sync time zones and you’ll be set to enjoy a lucrative career that allows you to travel anywhere you want to go.

4. Travel Blogger

Love to write and love to travel? If you know the basics of blogging and can bootstrap your first few months of travel, you can start a blog dedicated to your experiences – think everything from restaurant reviews to hotel horror stories. Eventually, as you find an audience, these restaurants and hotels will pay you to visit – including airfare. It’s a great opportunity to travel the world for free and get paid at the same time, especially if you can make extra money from writing ebooks, using affiliate links and hosting other ads on your blog, too.

5. Travel Nurse

Nurses are in demand around the world. According to Stephanie Watson at Howstuffworks, “as a travel nurse, you’ll work for a company that will provide you with accommodations (often a furnished home), a travel stipend to help you get from one hospital to another and a very competitive salary that is usually higher than what permanent nurses earn.”

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Tyler M

Great post. Very straightforward. I also believe that Training is a good career to get into if you want to travel. There are usually lots of options for travel included within the position, depending on the company too of course

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