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Good News for College Grads: More Real Jobs


Wondering about whether to go back to school to finish (or start) your bachelor’s degree? You might not have to worry quite as much about whether you’ll have a job after graduation, at least compared to grads from the past few years. The latest research shows that full-time, permanent jobs for college graduates are on the rise.


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Internships are for Students

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One piece of good news for college graduates is that there are fewer internships being targeted at them this year. According to US News, data from Simply Hired show that while the number of total job opportunities for new grads has decreased from 6 percent to 5 percent since last year, the number of permanent, full-time jobs has increased. This means that grads are more likely to find jobs that pay, and less likely to get stuck in internshipland. 

This was not always true; in the past, college grads have accepted internships because it was better than no job at all. Remember, a real internship “pays” in school credit, and is supposed to add educational value for the student. It is not supposed to be a job for the benefit of the company.

Types of Jobs

Full-time, permanent positions requiring a college degree have jumped 20 percent since last year. Twenty percent can make a big difference.

US News predicts that middle-skill jobs requiring STEM education in both health care and information technology will see double-digit growth in the next few years. “Middle skill” jobs require post-secondary education and training, and include computer technology, nursing, high-skill manufacturing, and other fields. A STEM degree is not necessarily required, but taking classes in mathematics on the college level may be required and is advisable for any well-rounded education.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The picture is looking relatively good for students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2015, but if you want to make sure that your investment will pay off, you need to do your research. PayScale’s College ROI Report evaluates cost, graduation rate, and ROI for more than 1,200 colleges and universities, telling you which schools and programs are most likely to earn you a decent salary after graduation.

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