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5 Creative Ways to Revive Your Struggling Career


What have you done for your career lately? Chances are, not enough. Much like a relationship, your career also needs proper care and attention in order for it to flourish. If you’re guilty of being neglectful, here are five creative ways to help you rekindle the fire and fall back in love with your career.

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when their career starts to feel very blase and stale. It’s important to not consider this time of ambiguity as a sign that your career is about to fall off the deep end. Instead consider it a chance to rejuvenate your career, expand your horizons, and become a better version of you. Here are a few ways to help you turn those lemons life just handed you into lemonade.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

1. Take a Vacation: Rather than faking yet another sick day to save yourself from the anguish of spending a day at work, why not take a real vacation? You know, the kind where you don’t feel completely guilty for not being at work while everyone else is. Figure out how much time off you have and plan yourself a little time away from work to recharge and mentally detox. Sometimes all anyone needs is an escape from the monotony of life, so do yourself a favor and plan your great escape.

2. Negotiate a Raise: Isn’t it about time you start earning what you’re really worth? (If you don’t know what you’re worth, use this handy salary calculator to find out.) Unfortunately, gone are the days where periodic reviews were actually periodic and actually took place; instead, managers avoid them like the plague. It’s time to figure out what you’re worth, spruce up on your negotiation skills, and get yourself a raise!

3. Learn a New Skill: Put your dreams into action and learn that new skill that you’ve been putting off for too long now. Your new skill doesn’t necessarily have to apply to your career, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt if it did (and it might help you with that raise). The point is to switch it up a bit and allow your brain to focus on something fresh and, hopefully, entertaining. There are tons of online resources you can take advantage of to get you set up with learning a new skill or two, or you can use your free time at work to get the ball rolling.

4. Start a Side Business: If your sights are set on being your own boss, then consider starting a business in your spare time while you’re still employed. We all have passions in life that we’d love to turn into profitable businesses, but very few people actually act on those desires. If you’re serious about taking that entrepreneurial leap of faith, do it strategically and be considerate of your full-time job. While you’re at it, you might want to <!––>weigh the pros and cons of letting the cat out of the bag<!––> about your side venture to your co-workers and, especially, your boss.

5. Change Careers: The reason your career is sucking the life out of you might be because it’s the wrong one. Now’s the time to dig deep and take a look at what your career trajectory is and what it needs to be, those are two very different things. Many professionals hop into careers based on compensation alone – forgetting that money doesn’t buy happiness – and they lose interest in their 9-to5s early on. The best career is the one that suits your personality and skills and that has a promising earning potential. If a new career path is what you’re in need of, then start by revamping your resume to cater to the new industry (here are some promising industries to consider), and be careful to avoid these mistakes that are common for individuals who choose to switch careers.

On average, adults spend roughly one-third of their lives working, so it’s important to find an occupation that makes as much sense as it does dollars. If you’re unhappy in your current career and need to push the restart button, hopefully the five options listed above will help you be on your way to career bliss in the very near future.

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