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Today’s 4 Most Stressful Jobs


There is a lot to consider when choosing a profession. Stress is not the only factor that comes into play when making that decision. In fact, many of the most stressful jobs identified through a recent study from CareerCast are especially rewarding, stimulating, and important careers. But, they certainly are stressful.


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Jobs were ranked using 11 distinct criteria intended to measure specific demands workers face that cause stress, including level of competitiveness, required amount of travel, and pressure around deadlines.

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Here are today’s most stressful jobs. Want to see the least stressful jobs? Look here. (Note that the salary data listed here is from PayScale’s Research Center).

1. Firefighter – $43,443 median annual salary.

Stress score: 71.59

This is both a dangerous job, and an important one. Firefighters do more than combat blazes, they assist with natural disasters, medical emergencies, or anything else that might require brave and dedicated first responders. Despite the high stress, firefighters generally love what they do. They feel their work is important, and they enjoy making a difference in communities they cherish.

2. Enlisted Military Personnel (Soldier) – $41,581 annual salary.

Stress score: 70.78

The brave men and women who are charged with the immeasurable responsibility of protecting the nation certainly face a great deal of stress. Not only does their work require them to be away from their loved ones for extended periods of time, shoulder tremendous responsibility, and work physically and tirelessly — their work also often puts them in harm’s way.

3. Military General – $196,300 median annual salary.

Stress score: 63.11

Very near the top of a given branch of the Armed Forces, generals oversee operations and make vital decisions. Ultimately, they are literally responsible for the lives of those who report to them. Enough said.

4. Airline Pilot – $100,191 median annual salary.

Stress score: 60.46

Pilots are responsible for the safety of aircraft and passengers; therefore, the job requires a high level of skill and a great deal of training. Pilots face scheduling challenges, are required to remain physically fit, and often work irregular and demanding hours. But, they often really love their jobs.

For more, check out the full list of most stressful jobs of 2015.

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You missed cops. People spit on you, swear at you, fight with you, puke on you, but when thier is broken into, who do they call? Us (cops) right

Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar

I will interst this jobs

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