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Gaming, Craft Beer, and Cannabis Cultivation – 3 New Fields of Study for College Students

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Our economy is changing. The idea that many of the jobs that will be available 10 years from now don’t exist today, is more true now than it has ever been. But, it’s not just the tech industry that’s moving our culture along. Many new professions await today’s students, and universities are always trying to anticipate, and prepare for, these future opportunities. In response to the growth of some surprising industries, colleges are offering more and more outside-the-box fields of study that might be a little more than tempting to today’s students. Come to think of it, many of yesterday’s college students might have enjoyed them as well….

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Here are some interesting options available to college students today.

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1. Craft Beer.

Paul Smith’s College, a small school in New York State, is one of several US institutions offering a program in “craft beer studies and operation.” With the growing popularity of craft breweries, home brewing, and beer-related clubs, this is an option that might be appealing to many students, and it could also turn out to be quite a lucrative and exciting career path.

2. Video Games.

Chicago’s Robert Morris University now offers sports scholarships to gamers. Students compete in large-scale, sometimes televised competitions in popular games like League of Legends, for large audiences packed with screaming fans. Some folks are even considering pursuing gaming as a profession. Video game competitions are gaining in popularity, and companies are beginning to offer considerable cash prizes to the victors. As a result, some young people are nursing dreams of growing up to be professional gamers.

3. Cannabis Cultivation.

Oaksterdam University in California bills itself as America’s “first and premier cannabis college.” Established in 2007 by medical marijuana activist Richard Lee, the Oaksterdam community hopes to be taken more seriously as changes to marijuana laws take root around the country. The school offers a variety of courses to aid in the pursuit of a career in cannabis cultivation. Weekend seminars are also available.

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