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Pre-cation: The Best Job Perk You Don’t Have


Most workers don’t get much time off between jobs. If you’re leaving one job for another, you’re unlikely to be able to coordinate a reasonable start date and sufficient notice to keep from burning bridges at your old employer; if you’ve been unemployed, well, taking more time off without pay might be impossible. But what if you could get a vacation, paid, before you started work?


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At least one company is offering just that. 42Floors, a real estate site based in San Francisco, started giving what they call a pre-cation to all new hires after one new hire benefitted from the paid time off to recover from the stress of his previous gig.

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“The day they get their offer letter, it’s kind of like Christmas morning, in that they have a new job and they’ve already thought through the vacation they’re about to go on,” CEO Jason Freedman tells Slate, who notes that new employees come in refreshed and willing to work.

Companies often give perks that turn out to be benefits for the employer at the expense of the employee, for example, “unlimited vacation days,” which often means that workers take the same or fewer days off than they would if they were allotted a specific amount of paid time off, or free food, which results in workers eating at their desks or working through dinner, or telecommuting privileges, which amounts to permission to work at home after working all day at the office.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more employers started giving benefits like pre-cations, which honestly result in happier workers? After all, rested employees are productive employees — not to mention, loyal ones.

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