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5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Stuff Around the Office

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Hey, did you forget something? No, it’s not your anniversary, and it’s not your boss’s birthday. (Probably.) It is, however, Halloween, and if you don’t have a costume yet, the good news is that you don’t need to panic. You can make an excellent Halloween costume without even leaving your office building, just by using the stuff you’ve already got on hand.

1. Umbrella Jellyfish


If you have an umbrella lying around — or can “borrow” one from a coworker — you can become a land-dwelling jellyfish in just five easy steps:

  • Coordinate your outfit to match aforementioned umbrella — this is essential, as you act as the body and larger tentacles of the jellyfish.
  • Find plastic bags — ask coworkers or find them in empty trash cans. (Enjoy this part, it’s practically a scavenger hunt!)
  • Cut the bags into long strips to create your tentacles.
  • Tape the jellyfish tentacles into the underside of the umbrella.
  • Congratulations! You are now among the oldest multi-organned animals of the earth! Just be glad you live longer than five to six months.

Credit and instructions: Stefanie Zimmer, via email.

2. 404 Error: Costume Not Found

404 error

The ultimate nerd costume is also one of the easiest to create:

  • Find a white t-shirt or a piece of printer paper and some tape.
  • With a black marker, write “404 Error: Costume Not Found.”
  • Get ready to win the costume contest at your company that builds websites or software.

Idea via Melissa Turtel; Photo Credit: Brett L./Flickr

3. Milton From Office Space


This is a one-step costume: walk around all day carrying your stapler (preferably a red Swingline) and mumbling.

Idea via Amanda Morin; Photo Credit: Just Jefa/Flickr

4. Bag of Eminems


Got a printer and a trash bag? You’ve got everything you need for this punny costume.

  • Find a few pictures of Detroit’s favorite sullen hip-hop star.
  • Print out your favorites.
  • Grab a trash bag. Cut a hole for your head and arms.
  • Tape Eminem’s face all over the bag.
  • Voila! You are a bag of Eminems.

Idea via Jessalyn Cheng; Photo Credit: Noura/Flickr

5. Ironman


This one is a bit more involved, but has the added advantage of making your coworkers think you’ve finally lost it.

  • Go to the trash room.
  • Get every box you can find.
  • Put the boxes on your body.
  • Spend the day being snarky to people, but then pay for lunch to show that you’re a generous multi-billionaire.

Credit: Matt Raoul/instagram

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