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How to Look for a Job When You Have a Job


The best time to look for a new job might be when you’re already employed, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to manage the process when you already have a full plate. Here’s how to find a new gig without getting fired from your old one.

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1. Don’t look for work while you’re at work.

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The best and most ethical way to conduct your job search is to do it on your own time, using your own equipment. Don’t look at job searching sites on your work computer, don’t print anything using the office printer, don’t send anything using the office fax. If you don’t break the rules, you can’t get caught.

2. If you must search on the company time, be smart.

Most job searching sites have apps or mobile versions that make it easier to look at listings and research employers on your phone.

3. Understand that looking for a new job can get you fired.

Contrary to popular opinion, in most states, you can be fired just for looking for a new job — or for any reason, or no reason at all. Don’t give the boss an excuse to subject to extra scrutiny your computer use, time management, or performance. That means doing your best work, and being very cautious about your social media use. Don’t update your profiles to indicate that you’re looking.

4. Plan your interviews carefully.

“Schedule your interviews carefully, so you won’t be missed at work,” advises Alison Doyle at’s Job Searching site. “…early or late in the day are easier to explain to your current employer or take personal or vacation time. If you have multiple interviews to schedule, you may be able to do them on the same day.”

5. Don’t use your boss as a reference.

Many employers want a reference from a manager as part of the interview process. Ask if you can use a former boss, ideally at a previous employer. Most will understand that you can’t jeopardize your current position in order to take a gamble on a new offer — and if they don’t, maybe you’ll want to consider whether it makes sense to jump ship, after all.

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Srinivasulu Reddu
Srinivasulu Reddu

Its interesting but plz let me how’ve o find jobs vacancies. It may be a silly que for you but, I am looking for change very actively but not getting a right one. I have 4 yrs exp in core hr. I you have any references plz help me.

Regards, srinivas.

Paula Gurge
Paula Gurge

Business Professional with strong background in Customer Service, Logistics, and Customs Compliance and data entry with 18 years of experience at Warnaco/PVH Corporate Offices from 1996-2014. Proficient in SAP, GT Nexus, MS Office. Volunteered on the Supervisory committee for the Warnaco Credit Union as well as the company’s Book Buddy program for New York school. Volunteered for the Boys and Girls Club in Bridgeport. Currently a volunteer for Literacy of Greater Waterbury. Living in Naugatuck, Ct. looking to find a… Read more »

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