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How to Develop a Good Leadership Mindset


A huge part of being an effective leader is having the right mindset. Good leaders don’t think they are better than everybody else; rather, they recognize that each and every one of us has our own skills and weaknesses. A good leader wants to encourage workers to use their skills and to improve on their weaknesses. But it’s more complicated than just that.

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Leadership Mentality and Creativity

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We’ve all heard that leaders need to be “creative” and “think outside of the box,” but not everybody has a clear idea of what that really means.

The best leaders tend to be more relaxed about how they approach problems. Instead of worrying about having initial success or looking good, they are comfortable experimenting and utilizing the talents and skills of others. The relaxation and open-mindedness allows them to be creative and approach problems in novel fashions. It seems to boil down to their mindset: Are they worried about being in charge, or do they want to grow a strong workforce that can solve problems?


Mentoring is an essential leadership skill. Leaders who consider themselves above everyone else are less approachable and less likely to encourage growth in their staff. Leaders with the right mindset and way of thinking will attract workers who wish to be groomed for success and advancement. The organization with good leaders and mentors will have a stronger, more productive workforce.

Mentors must see their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others. They know their own limits, and can admit them. When you are open about your own strengths and weaknesses, others are more likely to respect you when you ask challenging questions about their strengths and weaknesses.

This honesty, humility, and openness are vital parts of leadership. The best leaders think in terms of what is best for the organization and the people in it, and are not concerned about seeming better than the workers.

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