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Which Tech Companies Are Hiring More Women?


It’s no secret that women are severely outnumbered in tech companies in Silicon Valley. Recent reports indicate that women at both small and large employers such as Facebook and Google are barely represented, indicating this is a concerning trend in the technology sector. However, there are several other companies at which women are gaining ground, representing larger percentages of the workforce.

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According to Bloomberg, women at Facebook hold 47 percent of non-technology jobs, such as those in sales, marketing, and finance. While those numbers look good, only 15 percent of its engineers and computer scientists are women. Google also has a similar problem, as only 17 percent of its technology employees are female. But is this diversity issue a Silicon Valley problem, or one that affects technology companies around the country?

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Bloomberg found that there are dozens of other companies at which women represent a much higher number of the workforce. It published a list from Entelo, a startup that analyzes social data to help corporate recruiters spot promising candidates, detailing tech companies with some of the highest percentages of female technologists.

Entelo found that at the low end, approximately 29 percent of employees at Symantec are women, and at McAfee, the number is slightly higher at just over 30 percent. Adobe and Zendesk employ even more women, with women accounting for approximately 31 percent of their employees. Workers looking to work for startups that employ even more women may want to look at sending Airbnb or Shutterfly a resume. At those companies, about 36 percent and 38 percent of their employees are women, respectively.

While Entelo’s list is obviously not completely comprehensive, it’s an indicator that there are many reputable and successful tech companies that are focused on hiring more women. And if you’re concerned about working for a company that hasn’t hired many women, it’s good news to know there are other options — you may just have to look around a little bit to find them.

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