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Which College Majors Study the Most? [infographic]


The average student spends 17 hours a week preparing for class, according to The National Survey of Student Engagement. That includes studying, reading, analyzing data, and doing assignments and lab work. That’s far less than the 45 or so hours per week recommended by most schools for students taking 15 credits of coursework, but not every major is equal when it comes to study time.


(Photo Credit: John Althouse Cohen/Flickr)

Classes and Careers synthesized the survey’s data into an infographic highlighting which majors study the most, and what other characteristics tend to define students in these areas of study.

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STEM majors have it, if “it” is defined as bragging rights about study time. The exception is Arts and Humanities majors, who obviously must spend a fair amount of their time reading in order to stay afloat in their chosen field, but tend to spend their non-school time on leisure activities, instead of paid work or program-mandated community service.

Of course, if your goal is to get the most bang for your buck and the biggest salary after graduation for your study hours during school, the highest ROI is for science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. Schools with the highest ROI also tend to feature a lot of STEM programs.

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(Infographic Credit: Classes and Careers. H/t: College Essay Guy)

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