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A Tweet 45 Days in the Making


To most of us, social media is a fun distraction: a place where we can post pictures from our vacation, engage in discussions about our favorite television shows, or follow the news on our favorite sports team. For social media managers, it’s a battlefield, where the stakes are high and competition to get the attention of consumers is constantly waged.

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That’s why companies like Huge exist. Recently profiled in Business Insider, Huge is a digital advertising firm, whose job is to cut through the clutter of 800 million social-media users. This means vigilantly watching for trends and responding with memorable relevance.    

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In order to pull off such a feat, Huge has compiled a special team of social-media gurus that monitor all the happenings on the worldwide web. And since the internet is always open for business, it’s an around-the-clock job in every sense.      

Some of the tweets are somewhat impulsive, a necessary requirement in order to keep up with the real-time aspect of social media. However, for all the instances when a tweet needs to be strategically placed and timed to coincide with a holiday or time of year, like wedding season, much more planning is required. That’s when the project manager, art director, and copywriter get together to brainstorm and craft the message. After the continuous cycle of reviews and revisions, the end product — a single tweet — could take up to 45 days to complete. Even after all that work, there’s no guarantee it gets people talking.   

Though it might seem like a lot of time and effort, at the end of the day, it’s a job that pays people to do what most of us do in our spare time.

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