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#PayChat Roundup: Money or Meaning?


Is it possible to do what you love, help the world, and still make a decent living? Today’s #PayChat examined the issue of finding both money and meaning at work.

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PayScale’s #PayChats take place once a month, and allow Twitter users to speak their minds about the issues that inspire (and annoy) them at work. Today’s Twitter chat started off with a few questions:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

1. What makes a job meaningful?

2. Would you take a pay cut for a more meaningful job?

3. Maybe you are not at your dream job. Is it possible to make your current job more meaningful? How?

4. Are you looking for the Holy Grail, a job that makes the world a better place and pays well?

5. In your job search, do you prioritize meaning, satisfaction, or pay?

6. Does a meaningful job equate to a meaningful life?

Here are few of the best responses from participants:

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For more on job meaning and money, read PayScale’s latest data package The Most and Least Meaningful Jobs.

Please join us for our next #PayChat on Wedsnesday, July 30, at 10:30 a.m. PT.

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