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More Workers Are Planning on Taking Summer Vacation, But Will They? [infographic]


Initially, the summer of 2014 looks promising on the work-life balance front. CareerBuilder’s Q2 survey showed that 63 percent of workers will take a vacation this year.


(Photo Credit: Ry Van Veluwen, via Unsplash)

Perhaps even more significantly, 89 percent of workers who do take a vacation are planning on traveling in order to do so, as opposed to 62 percent in 2012. In the infographic below, CareerBuilder’s experts say that this might be a sign that workers have the time and money to really get away this year. (And the confidence, perhaps, that their jobs will still be waiting for them, when they return.)

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Of course, saying you’re taking a vacation and actually doing it are two very different things. Only time will tell how many folks who’ve planned to get away will actually be able to leave work.

Plus, leaving the office doesn’t mean leaving work behind. A quarter of workers said that they expected to have contact with work at least once while they were on vacation. Sixty-five percent of bosses expected to do some work while they were away.

Perhaps most depressingly of all, 11 percent of workers said that they feel guilty while they’re on vacation. If you’re in that camp, just remember: taking a real vacation isn’t just fun for you. Getting away from the office and recharging your batteries improves productivity and job satisfaction — both of which allow you to make more money for your employer.

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(Infographic Credit: CareerBuilder)

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