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3 Massive Companies That Are Incredibly Good To Their Employees


We may think of large companies as being less personal to work for. When corporate headquarters are in another state, or you never meet the people in charge of making policy, you may feel like just another gear in the machine. These three giant companies, however, have not forgotten how vital the workers are and treat them well.

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1. Ebay

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Ebay started an online auction house and has grown to a company of 30,000. They offer their plethora of employees awe-inspiring perks and benefits.

Ebay provides a variety of saving for retirement plans for employees to choose from. They also make information available regarding reducing taxable income. If you are a student pursuing a degree, Ebay offers tuition programs.

Ebay offers a variety of health benefits, including heath insurance for the body and counseling and referral services for the mind. Thinking out of the box, Ebay offers employees perks to achieve work-life balance. These include onsite pick up and delivery of dry cleaning. They will also change your oil while you work.

2. Southwest Airlines

Working as a stewardess looks like thankless work. On their feet, they may act like waitresses but are trained to keep people safe at extremely high altitudes, and not all passengers are pleasant about being told they can’t stash five suitcases in the overhead.

Hello Giggles reports that the perks and benefits of working for SouthWest Airlines include much more than just free airfare for employees. Actually, SouthWest offers free airfare for employees, spouses, eligible dependent children, and parents. They have also made deals with other companies to discount the cost of hotels, car rentals, and even theme parks for their staff.

SouthWest offers fun perks such as chili cook-offs and themed parties, including a big Halloween event every year.

3. Walt Disney

Walt Disney promises employees “support beyond your imagination.” They then deliver on this promise.

Their health plans include dental, vision, prescription drug coverage and behavioral health plans. They offer paid holidays, sick time and vacation. They help employees achieve work-life balance by offering onsite childcare and adoption assistance. They offer at least three different plans to help employees save for retirement, including a 401(k) with an employer match.

And don’t forget the complimentary theme park admissions with additional discounts. If you want to work for Disney, you are going to enjoy those perks!

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Pane Vino in Huntsville, AL is a restaurant suspected to be worst place to work as it is heard that the head chef acts very nasty and unhuman by yelling and cursing at his staff. This is the worst sin as unacceptable ever and must not be going on. It is a shame for someone like this who is also the owner to act so unprofessionally as unacceptable. This is the worst thing nobody deserves period. He must be removed… Read more »


I can tell you working for Disney is NOT a good experience. It is very much a pressure cooker environment and only concerned about the bottom line. They can be very hard to work for! The perks are window dressing to get you in the company. I would never go back…


I’m not so sure about Disney. Apparently many of the WDW employees in Florida are only on minimum wage which isn’t enough for rent, and barely enough for a low-budget motel. They are the future homeless.

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