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#GiveGregtheHoliday Is the Best Response to an Email Mistake Ever


What if your boss accidentally forwarded your vacation request to your entire company? That’s what happened to security officer Greg Heaslip, when he emailed his line manager at retail chain Arcadia Group in the U.K. BuzzFeed reports that Heaslip’s request went out to 3,500 staff members. And then all heck broke loose.


(Photo Credits: Twitter accounts as noted, via BuzzFeed)

“And work for the day quickly ground to a halt as the #GiveGregTheHoliday hashtag was born,” writes Richard James at BuzzFeed.

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Soon, people started replying all, asking if they could join Greg on his holiday. Then, people printed up signs and hung them in the office, urging people to vote yes on Greg’s holiday. The company in the office opposite Arcadia’s even hung signs in their windows, indicating support for Greg’s holiday.

Finally, the hashtag grew too big for one organization to contain and other companies got in on the deal. A travel company offered Greg a free trip to Vegas. Various brands offered free products, including sunscreen. The social media managers at resorts and vacation destinations got in on the act, recommending their hotels for Greg’s consideration.

Meanwhile, Greg was asleep. Yes, asleep. It seems that his regular shift was at night.

give greg the holiday  

He awoke to instant internet fame, but best of all, the news that his manager had approved his paid time off.

Greg has donated his swag to the Stephen Sutton cancer charity. He’ll spend his holiday with his wife and daughters at the theme park Chessington World of Adventures.

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