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6 Tips to Land that Job Interview Even When You’re Not Seriously Looking


You don’t need to look for a job in order to get one. In today’s job market, many workers are passively job searching all the time. But in order to maximize your chances of landing an unexpected interview with the employer of your dreams, you need to be prepared.


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1. Look professional: A picture is worth a thousand words; especially if it’s on your LinkedIn profile. When head hunting, LinkedIn is extremely popular among recruiters – be it to cold call or to network. According to the Ladders, 19 percent of the time the recruiters spend on your profile is on your profile picture.

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2. Keep your profile updated:  It’s like having a resume ready to go. Update your skills, certifications, and positions on your professional networking sites. It doesn’t have to be too much in detail, but just the significant facts and major accomplishments.

3. Join professional networks: Be it online or offline, join networks. Even if you are not looking for a job, it really helps to stay connected with similar minds and with the latest trends in your field. And you are also letting them in on your skills, competencies, and personality.

4. Give more than you receive: If you can, share best practices and problem-solve with your counterparts and colleagues. Help them with resources or contacts when they most need it. If you’ve made a promise to share information or updates with your network, follow through. This reflects on your work ethic and at a more fundamental level – your human connection.

5. Recommend only if you are certain: Recommend a person’s work only if you believe in their ability and potential; not because he/she requested you to. Your recommendation reflects not only on the person seeking your reference, but also on you and your judgment.

6. Update your contact details: If you do not check LinkedIn regularly, direct mail and messages to your personal account that you do access. Even if you are not interested in a role, you at least know that your profile was considered.

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