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4 Rules for Summer Office Dress Code Etiquette


With the welcome approach of summer and warm weather, many of us excitedly stash our wool sweaters and winter clothing away and stock our closets with lightweight attire. As much as we want to be comfortable at the office, tank tops and flip-flops are career-limiting moves. Follow these four rules to be taken seriously — without spending breaking the summer dress code.

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1. Tuck It In

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Your shirt, not your stomach. Jacquelyn Smith at Forbes reminds men that an untucked shirt looks sloppy and unprofessional. Even in hot weather, iron your work clothes and tuck in your shirt.

2. Consider Your Feet

Flip-flops belong on the beach, not in an office. Men should not wear sandals to the office. If women must wear open-toe shoes, pedicures are in order. Unkempt toes make you look sloppy and decrease your perceived authority. Besides, do you want your co-workers gawking at your feet?

3. Maintain Modesty

Fashion designers may be selling sheer fabrics, but see-through clothing is inappropriate office attire. If you need to, wear a half-slip. And the skirt with the hemline that falls above your knees is also best worn during your free time.

Summer sundresses are comfortable and you may be tempted to wear one to work, depending upon how casual your office environment is. Best to have a cover-up — a blazer, lightweight cardigan, or shrug that covers your shoulders. Make sure the neckline is not too low, and feel free to remove your outer layer after work when you go out and about.

4. Avoid Loud Prints

A dash of power red is one thing, an orange and turquoise Hawaiian shirt is another. Even on casual Fridays, bold and loud summer prints are best left in the closet. Pull them out on the weekend.

In the end, if you are not certain something is appropriate, it’s probably not. You are uncertain for a reason. Wear clothing that makes you look and feel professional.

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I am a football fan, I in the summer I prefer wearing a shirt into the office, so I look very spirit, very cool and refreshing at the same time.Allow me to dress like that, of course, the premise is company, but I want to say dress according to your personality.

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