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Older Job Seekers May Have Advantages


It seems that workers 55 and older are not planning on retiring the way they used to. Some continue to work to make ends meet, some to fund their leisure pursuits, and still others simply because they have energy and want to do something productive with their time. If you are an older worker looking for a part-time or hourly job, use your age and experience to your benefit.

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Know Your Skills

Do You Know What You're Worth? reminds older workers that they may have life skills that will translate into specific jobs in the work world. For example, people who have been active in organizing community events or running volunteer operations may highlight their organizational skills on a resume. They may be good candidates for jobs requiring event planning and good organization.

Learn to Sell Yourself

Don’t be evasive or shy about your wealth of experience — use it to your advantage! Sell yourself as a well-educated consultant with years of experience in your field. Think of yourself as a brand, and sell that brand to potential employers.

Sometimes it is difficult to put personal humility aside, especially for older workers. But if you want to get a job, you will benefit from learning to be up-front and communicative about your skills and accomplishments.

Carefully Consider Where You Want to Be

Snagajob reminds older job seekers of the questions they must ask themselves to avoid being miserable in their new job. For example, consider whether your really want to jump into another 40-hour work week. You might be happier working half-time and using the rest of your week for other pursuits. And if you do want to pick up an hourly, part-time job while in retirement, will you be happy being paid less than you are used to for your skills?

There are no across-the-board right or wrong answers to these questions. The point is to consider them before you accept a new position, to ensure your best chance of success. If you don’t think about these things, you may end up in a situation that makes you miserable.

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