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3 New Jobs Created by Marijuana Legalization


Whether or not you think pot should be legal, one thing is for sure: it’s great for the economy. In the first 18 months of legalized marijuana in Colorado, the state expects to rake in over $180 million in taxes. And that’s just the government’s take. Many individuals are also lining their pockets, thanks to the green gold rush in states that have approved marijuana for recreational use. Here are just a few jobs that exist today, because of legal marijuana.


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1. Pot Critic

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Not for the casual enthusiast, this job requires a knowledge of terminology and different strains — plus, as Brokelyn semi-ironically points out, “a strong work ethic.” If you’re willing to move to Colorado, there’s at least one freelance gig fitting this description available at The Cannabist. But who knows? In the future, high-end magazines could cover this beat the way they do wine or cigars.

2. Budtender

Today in We Are Not Making This Up (tm Dave Barry), we present to you the position of budtender, which The Houston Press describes as a “bartender, but with bud, and a decidedly less-handsy crowd to deal with.” Budtenders make recommendations to customers, answer their questions about different strains and effects, and weigh out and sell the product for purchase.

3. Marijuana Confectioner

Bakers and candy makers have started adapting their business models to incorporate legal pot, and not just in the states that have approved marijuana for recreational use. Companies in California offer “medicated edibles” for managing chronic pain, and at least one forward-thinking Ohio candy maker has secured a license with Bhang Chocolate, a California manufacturer, to distribute candies in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — even though legislation lags in some of these states.

“There’s a huge opportunity in this rising industry and it isn’t just about getting stoned,” says Chris Galgoczy, owner of Baker Candies, in an interview with “I’m a pro-growth, pro-business Republican, not some stoner guy. Look, this is not your grandma’s marijuana — the times have changed.”

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Jen Hubley Luckwaldt
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It’s not only good for the economy, it’s good for us, too.  It prevent seizures (and we were told that it harms the brain) – someone is wrong.  We have been lied to about this God-given PLANT for so long.  People need to be educated.  Alcohol is responsible for so many awful things in our society, yet we have no problem with its use.  Marijuana ALONE does no harm.  When someone mixes marijuana with another drug, and behaves badly, it’s… Read more »

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